Pitching Drills For High School

For those of you on varsity, jv and freshman teams - do you do team pitching drills as a group? If so, what ones, how long, etc?

I’m not talking about fielding drills, but throwing drills like knee drills, stationary-feet drills, etc.

I’m trying to gauge whether to implement pitchers throwing drills into my Spring program for the high school team here. We did lots of drills in high school and college, but I’m not sure they were always the best use of time… I almost would have rather spent more time working on drills for fielding our position (PFP’s).

I have about 6 pitchers. 3 I know are working others not sure what they are doing. The players who have been throwing first day will throw20- 30 fastballs from the mound. We will chart pitches and videotape. The other group will start with one knee drill,2 knees,hershier drill,rocker drill, 5-10 pitches flat ground. Steve what level are you coaching at?

Varsity in Spring
16u in Summer

Steve, you should incorporate some PFP into your drills and workouts. I remember that Ed Lopat told me that when a pitcher steps off the rubber s/he becomes a fifth infielder and has to be able to do the things infielders do. This is important, because I have seen—at various levels of the game, including the major leagues—games lost that should have been won because a pitcher could not field the position. :oops: 8)

Pitchers should be involved when the teams are running double fungo drills, great for keeping things moving around the diamond.


I agree with you about the usefulness of pitching drills. However, I have
have found HS pitchers seem to have trouble in two areas: following through, and landing too closed, thus throwing across their bodies. So the two drills I use are: 1. with the feet in the proper landing position, simulate
throwing and make sure to take the throwing arm over the opposite
leg with chest over lead leg 2. from the stretch position work on landing
either on or just to the glove hand side of a line from the pivot foot toe
to the catcher. Repeat each 25 times.

Hope this brings about ideas and interaction.

Hope you enjoy this.
I was reminded that there was 3 other pitchers shagging in the outfield for BP. 6 stations.

My son is a freshman and the pitching coach here is a firm believer in the Mike Marshall program. He is just starting it and before the games started he did the wrist weights 2x per week and it has helped his velocity by about 3-5mph (hasn’t been gunned but is throwing quite a bit harder). He has been starting every game and throwing 2 innings so recently his coach hasn’t wanted him to throw or do weight workouts much. He also does long toss at ~120 ft daily. He also has a problem not bringing his arm straight back so he has been throwing along a fence to correct that.

They also do a LOT of bunt coverages PFP and pickoffs. They will get 3 pitchers on the mound at a time and practice to each base all at the same time.