Pitching drill required

I have a young pitcher (15 years) who has developed a habit of straightening up his striding leg, after landing, as his throwing arm starts its forward motion. I have tried the tea towel drill (many repititions) to try and teach him to throw with his head over and in front of his landing knee and he completes the drill successfully. But, as soon as he starts pitching without the tea towel, the front leg straightens and he ends up pitching with his head behind the striding leg. Are there any other simple drills that will help with this problem?

Getting up over the stride knee is more about rear leg drive. How strong is the back leg drive? Is he getting too low with his torso during the stride? Is he over-striding with the front leg?

You don’t really teach follow-through. What you do prior to release determines what the follow-through will look like.

I’m not really sure what to advise without seeing or knowing a bit more.

He doesn’t appear to be getting low during the stride, nor is he overstriding. He lands on his striding leg with a flexed knee. All is good up to this point. However; it is just after landing he straightens up his striding leg, causing all forward motion to stop and he ends up pitching “standing up” rather than over and in front of the landing knee. We can do the “Towel Drill” successfully until the cows come home, but once he starts live pitching, he immediately reverts back to the straightened front leg. I am looking for drills or methods to reinforce the mechanics of keeping the striding leg flexed until after the ball is pitched.

Very hard to diagnose this blind with no video but I’d look at his foot angle at strike. Based on what you describe, it sounds like his foot is landing open or his hips are turning early, and not allowing his energy to be stored through shoulder turn. I think everything sounds to be good–including the stop of forward momentum at leg brace.

The power from the hips and shoulders will re-establish upper body forward momentum for follow through.

Agreed, you need a strong leg drive into this. One drill that may teach him how to get out front instead of pitching standing up would be the rocker drill.

If I understand what you are saying then what he is doing may increase his velocity by increasing the velocity of hip rotation. Brent Pourciau covers it in this article. Read the article and then look at Verlander, Bauer, etc.


Coach Paul: Thank you for your advice so far. I do have videos of the pitcher but they are around 24MB (slow motion) each and I am not sure how to post up on this site.

CSOleson: What is the “rocker drill”??


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Could be a strength issue. It takes more strength to firm up and stabilize the front leg while bent.