Pitching Distance Adjustments?

Anyone on here have a son go from 46’ to 50 feet majors distance? Any adjustments to expect? Lower strike percentage?

As I remember from my kids this change has one really positive result and that is allowing the movement of fastballs and curves to really happen. The shorter the distance it just doesn’t allow the ball to move propperly.

My son pitched from 46ft last year and played up with another team for one tournament pitching at 50 ft. The change was almost unnoticed, in the beginning he was throwing to the upper half of the zone and getting hit pretty good. I think he thought he had to compensate by throwing higher for the longer distance.

my son is going from 54 to 60 next year. We do 6 weeks of post season work in Aug/Sept each year & then shut it down til January.

This offseason we have had him gradually work from 54… 56… 58 & then last two sessions from 60.

He hasnt even asked the distance or noticed the last 2 sessions.