Pitching distance adjustment


i have just started a new part of a league in my town. i now throw from 60 feet. I’m adjusting does anyone have any tips for adjusting to longer pitching distance.


Aim higher.


Just get out and throw from 60’ off a mound. After a few sessions, you won’t even notice the difference.


Before pitching from the mound, throw from second base to home; then from behind the mound to home; and finally from the mound itself. It will look real close! I once saw an MLB pitcher taking a few throws from behind the mound before each inning, and have used this routine with my son whenever we go out for a bullpen. Not sure if taking warmup throws from behind the mound is allowed during games (anyone know?), but I know I saw at least one MLB pitcher do it!


Thanks for the advice


This works great. Throwing from around 90 feet with regularity will help with the transition to full distance pitching.


Ease you way into it to avoid a sore arm.