Pitching consecutive inning vs. non consecutive innings

Our league rule is a pitcher can pitch no more than 2 innings a game and 6 innings per week. The issue is that some of our youth baseball Managers will use a pitcher in the 1st inning and then will not pitch him until the 5th or 6th inning, meaning he will have 3 or 4 innings in between which could be an hour or more between taking the mound. A few of us would like to see this changed because we are concerned about injuries caused by the pitcher being inactive for this length of time and having his/her arm cool down. Once this was brought up, we were told the there is no proof or physical evidence that this may lead to an injury. I feel it is just common sense to pitch the player in consecutive innings. Please let me know what your thoughts are? Thanks

Boy do i agree with you here, unfortunately both Babe Ruth and LL don’t. I think it’s nuts and a sign that the coaches value winning over a kids arm. I’ve even seen it where a kid will pitch an inning catch the next 3 or 4 and close the game…if it were my boy, the coach would have a roster spot to fill. Only by getting like minded coaches together can you fight city hall…but I’d say it’s an uphill, nearly impossible battle…you won’t see much if any of it once they go to 60’6"…and take comfort that the kids you train won’t face this sort of abuse and can look forward to healthy and happy play for some time in the future.

How stupid can some managers and coaches get?
I have seen this happen time and again in the major leagues. A pitcher starts a game, goes an inning and two-thirds, and Jupiter Pluvius’ plumbing springs a leak and it rains—and rains—and rains. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, it stops raining, the groundskeepers get the tarp off the field, the game resumes and the starting pitcher takes the mound once again. An hour or more has gone by, and the poor guy’s arm has cooled off. But has it occurred to him to go downstairs a ways with a catcher and keep throwing to keep the old soupbone loose? NO.
And what happens? Most of the time the opposing team tees off on him.
I would say that in those baby leagues, the manager should start a pitcher and let him go two innings and then send him home. :roll:

In our local league we documented rules insuring that a pitcher could not return to that position once pulled. I think Babe Ruth has finally made a similar move. If your league does not have the sense or courage to do the same, as a parent have that discussion with your sons coach…same goes with pitch count and rest between appearances .

We are affiliated with Babe Ruth and as far as I know, there isnt a rule that prohibits re-entering as a pitcher.

You have to be the starter.