Pitching Command/Location

I am having trouble working on command/location and can’t really seem to find the strike zone. Any advice?

First of all, Focus is very important.

Second of all, I don’t know your mechanics, so I can’t give you any hints further.

if you could get a video of your mechs that would be great. but if not do your windup in from of a mirror, and if your head is moving more than an inch or two before you stride that may be the issue. if you are missing to your arm side make sure you are throwing all the way across your body.

Having a repeatable delivery is a big part of command/control. You’ll need to eliminate mechanical and timing problems to achieve that.

Also, frequent practice is a good thing. Shorter, more frequent bullpens is better than longer, less frequent bullpens.

I find it useful if you look at the catchers glove all the way through your windup,some pitchers look at the ground or something but i think you lose the target if you do