Pitching Comeback of an old-school

Hey guys I’m currently 25 y/o and in this log I’ll just write down the exciting events unfolding at the moment.

At the age of 15 I had a good year pitching and hit 87-88 mph (and some, I am sure, were higher but not measured).
I was playing in the dutch national team for youngsters, and I was really motivated to make it to the majors.
Then at age 16 a scout from the Seattle Mariners called me, asking me whether I wanted to play pro-ball. If you’re reading this, it is hard to imagine the joy that I felt at that moment. My heart bounced as if I was doing my 8th sprint. So when I got to the hotel to sign the contract, the scout informed me that he had just called with Seattle and that there was a problem, my age! If you wanted to play you had to become 17 during the season. The season ends somewhere in September and my birthday is the 27th of October. Could you imagine the disappointment? Well, this happened in January and throughout that season many more scouts came to watch. But at a big game in a tournament, a tragic thing happened I messed up my arm throwing to first base. After having finished the inning, striking out some, I had to leave. I went to a hospital which specialized in arm and shoulder injuries. They probed me with a huge needle but missed the spot that they were supposed to inject contrast-fluid into. They missed, and missed, I think they got the spot right at the 6th attempt (which wasn’t done by the intern who tried the first 5 times, but by the doctor himself). Guess what, they didn’t find anything. I went into rehab for one year, but on and off I still had pains in my shoulder.

After getting frustrated I decided to take one year off to perhaps regain some strength and have some fun in baseball again. Well, that was until I decided to study Theology in a country where baseball is not their favorite thing (Belgium). It was a really great team, but it took me 2 hours to travel to training and 2 hours to travel back. So needless to say, when a woman came into my life, I decided to use my time in a different way.

Fast-forward 7 years I nearly got my master’s degree, after also having studied philosophy and dabbling with mathematics and physics. And I really miss playing baseball seriously, by which I mean playing baseball with the ambition to get somewhere with it. So this will be my story about the progress I make and the obstacles I go through to get at my top. Where that top will lead me, I don’t know.

Things that I’m currently working on:

  1. General physique: I’m 6"2 at 275 pounds. I was at 308 at the beginning of this year. My goal is to get to 265 pounds with 14% body-fat.
  2. Pitching: Control. I want to throw 65% of my pitches for strikes. And if I miss the spot, miss it by at most 1-4 inches.
  3. Pitches: I currently have a 4-seam (around 90), change-up (low 80’s) and slurve-ball. I want to develop my 4-seam to a consistent low 90’s during this season. I want to add a 2-seamer to the arsenal. (Bartolo Colon is really my inspiration for the 2-seamer). And I would really like to have a cutter as well, though I realize that focussing on a few pitches to throw them really well is also a good thing.
  4. Strength: I currently bench 330 and i’d like to get that up to 380 by the end of December. I want to develop a stronger deadlift, but as I have messed up my back (and recovered from it) a few weeks ago I am a bit more cautious. But I’d like to deadlift 260 lbs for 12 reps. Squats: even though I can squat 300+ I don’t do that often as I want to be careful with my back, my goal is to squat 260 deep for some sets of 10 reps. Leg-press I’m at 615 lbs (8 reps) and I’d like to get that to 750 lbs (for 8 reps) in December. (I think that seeing that I have done leg-press only twice, this increase should not be impossible).
    Finally, lots of tubing and shoulder exercises and plank like core exercises.

I’ll see you around.

Here’s a gym update: Yesterday I did 680 lbs leg press for 5 reps which went pretty easy. That’s 65 lbs more than the last training.

Today I’ll be working on my 2 seamer and in the gym I’ll do some deltoids, wings and biceps and of course core-training.

2-seamers are so much fun when they move :smiley:

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Can’t wait to see you progress! Best of luck!

You’re just missing one exercise… the power clean!

Thank you I will try to learn that move.

Here’s another gym update: the day before yesterday I did leg press 856 lbs for 4 reps. This is the maximum weight the machine supports so I will make this my 8 rep set for december.
I also repped 260 lbs squat for 4 reps.
Also I’m currently stuck at 330 lbs for 2 reps with bench press.

I guess it is also time to start developing a strong deadlift, for that I will start with Romanian deadlifts and progressing to full range of motion.

Also the power clean will be added to the moves to start mastering at the gym.

As for throwing, I throw 2-3 times a week now, the season is over and I only throw by myself at a concrete wall where I work on movement and location.