Pitching Coaches


I am new to this forum, but certainly not to baseball. I am 22 years old. I am a LH Pitcher. I play in a semi-competitive league in Ontario, Canada.

I have never had help with mechanics from any previous coaches. I have a few good books that have helped me get as far as I am. I have an apparatus to throw to in my backyard. Because there is no one around that I would ask to catch for me.

I have had some troubles early in the season throwing in consistent locations, but that seems to be improving. I am wondering if anyone is a coach or has contacts to deal with a pitching coach.

Sorry, forgot to add something.

I’m hoping to get some help with this as well. I have been looking into some state showcases, and don’t know much about them. My urgency to get assistance with pitching is because I would like to attend some come next feb./Mar., so…any assistance would be much appreciated.

I also do not have a video camera, or else i would try to post something to get some help that way. But thanks for any help.

The NPA website lists one NPA-certified instructor in Regina, Canada. I know it’s a long shot but you can get the instructor’s information on the NPA website

Thank you very much. Does anyone know much about these Perfect Game Showcases?? Are they worthwhile, or are they a waste of time??