pitching coach

havent been on in a while - no internet

anyways i went to see a pitching coach for an evaluation and he said i throw too much with my arm and not enough with my body

also said my stride is too long :shock:

thinking about going back to the place he coaches to just use the equiptment there

just thought id update cause i no yall miss me :stuck_out_tongue:

Ummm, if he said your stride is too long, then you need to find a different pitching coach. Your comfort is all that matters, not his.

Usually, having a long stride is part of using your body to throw. But, ultimately, it depends on how you’re getting that long stride. If you’re reaching with the front foot and your weight is staying too far behind the front foot, that’s not good. But if you’re creating a lot of momentum and getting out over the front leg, that’s good and there is most likely some other reason (opening up early?) that you appear to be using too much arm…

I should have mentioned that. I got a little ahead of myself here. I’m too used to posting on the NPA forums. :wink:

Anyways, if you are “reaching” with the front leg (weight staying too far back) then it’s most likely a momentum issue. It’s hard to reach with good momentum. Do what you can to save your stride. Roger is generally right about these sorts of things!