Pitching coach doesn't believe in long toss

My son’s pitching coach is not a big believer in long toss for pitchers as a way to increase velocity. He believes in throwing from the mound as the best means to gaining velocity. I know that many of you on this board use long toss - I am wondering if any of you have a tried and proven long toss program for a high schooler?

This question comes from a conversation I had the other day with another coach in the city in which I live. He indicated that he believes in long toss big time. He has his pitchers on a routine something like this: one day they throw eight throws at each 60 ft increment up to a max distance. The next day they throw flat ground pitches (25) with wind up to a person 120 ft away. Then they lightly throw long toss just to stretch it out. What do you think? I guess they rotate this scenario throughout the week.

I am not a believer in any significant gains from tossing long. This is my personal opinion and I do not have any documented proof one way or the other.