Pitching clips of yourself steven?

steven, do you think you could post some vid of yourself pitching?

I’m tryin! Out of a 30 min DVD, all I can get is a 7 second clip … strange. But I’m having a lot of trouble importing the file.

I started to load some DVD of an ole-timer’s game for a charity I was in a few years back … kind of funny… but I couldn’t load it either.

I was chatting with some real nice people and a fly ball caught me by surprise. I slip’d on the grass, but made the catch. ( I don’t know how I pulled that off?)

Any who - I forgot there were only two outs, and I ended up tossing the ball to a youngster right by the rail. It was the crowd who pointed the “only two out” thing to me. The annoucer in the stadium just couldn’t let me forget it … not to mention the display board operator put my picture up on the screen all doctored up to look like the class clown.


Wait a minute… I don’t have DVD … I have 8MM Video. Does it make a difference?

I ask because I have no idea how this stuff works. In fact, when I was given this 8MM video camera and a load of cassets a long time ago, it seemed to easy. But the battery doesn’t cut it.

Coach B.

Coach B,

It should be possible to play those cassettes in an 8mm video camera with the camera connected to a computer and capture the video on the computer in some format. I’ve done this before capturing the video in Windows Media Player format (though other formats are probably more preferable). From there you should be able to post as you like.

Unless a clip is from a DV device (which 8mm isn’t) you’re going to have to buy a analog to DV device. You can get these from Best Buy and such, or if you only have one tape to convert you maybe be better off taking it somewhere and having it converted.