Pitching clip for review

My son from a recent 9u tourney. Any advice is appreciated.

I wouldn’t have his feet so close at the set position and all that windmilling his arms coming set just gives a base runner time to gain ground. Get him to load a bit by bringing knee to knee, from shoulder width, in his stretch delivery, it will help get him into a nice timing rhythm also.
The mechanic is ok in some places not so ok in others (I see no glaring injurious thing), at nine it could be opposite next week. In two pitches I guess my best recommendation is to get him to relax and throw fundementally sound. He looks like he has fun at it, so keep learning and paying attention, when it counts you’ll be there to facillitate getting him through it all.
A couple of rules of thumb…work for head stillness (Not stiffness), look to ensure he keeps his hand behind the ball, fundementals are way more important than style, you are looking for efficient, repeatable mechanics…it’s gonna be a few years…play catch a lot and have a good time with him. Catch is imo the very best instructional, conditioning, bonding, method of pitcher development from early age until you are…well, too daggone old or blind to do it safely. I’m 50 and I throw everyday I can with my 20 yr old :shock: …it’s just about murder if I don’t have good light and just last week…after 40 stinkin years…decades of which I threw batting practices 2 or 3 times a week for 2 hours in the Fla. sun…I think I finally sprung something in the old south paw. We were playing long toss at about 200’ and I got out of whack…now ol jd has some front shoulder pain and it ain’t goin away :x … just as I was giving serious consideration to throwing a few innings in adult baseball :lol:, sorry to digress…just giving illustration to the point…throw as much as you can with him :wink: .