Pitching Clinics or Coaches in Flordia?

Does anyone know of any clinics or coaches in florida?

You can find an NPA-certified pitching instructor at this link:


It’s organized by state.

In my post “Let me be the first” I listed UF, FSU, Miami, JU, and UNF’s web sites, here is the coach my son uses here in Jacksonville;
I looked up Rogers list of Tom House guys in Florida…They appear to be sparse (Last I looked there was 1 guy I think in Miami), but for just an example if you look at Ricks website you’ll see he utilizes some of House’s stuff including my personal pet peave of “Lets not worry about fielding, idea” which, in my opinion, is proof that even the very best can be wrong…but I digress, just google around if this isn’t enough for you I’m sure we have hundreds of both.