pitching camps

I am a college pitcher looking for a camp to attend that specializes in submariners. Is there such a place?

I could not find any camps. I found a couple of guys who were doing some teaching. Jeff Innis who is in the Atlanta area and Mike Cather who is (best I could tell) the pitching coordinator for the San Diego Padres. If you were looking for instruction or lessons might be a good place to start if your looking for like a showcase camp I couldnt find anything.

If you get with a knowledgeable pitching coach they should be able to help you, I would say if you can find a coach who has coaching experience at a larger college or one that has some playing or coaching experience at the professional level would be great choices.

I would say that the last-named would be your best bet. If you can hook up with a pitcher on the professional level, one who works with sidearm and submarine pitchers, you’d be in great shape.