Pitching blisters

One of the most regularly-asked in-season question I get is what to do about pitching blisters – especially when they occur on a pitcher’s index and middle fingers.

And while I’ve never had that problem, some of my former teammates – including 1st round draft pick Rob Purvis (White Sox) and 30th round draft pick Craig Hawkins (Twins) – dealt with it every baseball season.

So… what’s worked for you in the prevention/treatment of pitching blisters? Do you get them? How do you avoid them?

I’ll always used an emery board, but there’s some other stuff on the market that appears to be working…

Stan’s Rodeo Ointment is supposedly used by Beckett, if there’s anyone who’s an expect on blisters it’s Beckett.

Doesn’t MLB have their own ointment that isn’t offered to the public?

Pickle juice … my Mom’s suggestion … helps cure that slider blister !

My buddy uses a certain type of glue once he gets a blister so that he doesnt have them pop on him when he’s pitching.

I tend to just pop them and keep on with what I’m doing, I barely get blisters, I guess I’m lucky.

I’ve been told about the pickle juice strategy as well