Pitching bio

im 15, 130 lbs. (yes im skinny), a lefty, i throw a 4 seam change sinker and slurve i throw low 70’s its that bad for my age? should i add another pitch? and my control sometimes is bad usually missing outside to a righty anyone know how to fix it?

its not that bad for your age , espescially for someone that skinny. you might want to add a curve instead of the slurve depending on how good your slurve is. But you only want to add another pitch if you have already mastered your other pitches

Before you add pitches get a good feel for the strike zone (yes it’s odd coming from a knuckleballer).

Height tends to be more important than weight for a pitcher. How tall are you and do you expect to grow much more?

im 5’10 or 5’11 and my mom is my height while my dad is 6’1

what the hells a slurve lol?

Is it like a curve that moves more sideways than 12-6 or what?

yeah, a slurve is like a slider and a curve put together, so it breaks laterally and vertically, in between a slider and curve.