Pitching better from windup. Need help from stretch [BRAND NEW VIDEO]


(Edit; added video)

Ok. So I have a huge issue. Pretty big.
Lately I have been watching Vandy highlights and film of Carson Fulmer.
Absolute stud in his college days. I’ve adopted my windup like his…
and it works. Like REALLY works. I can mess with timing for batters, it’s fluent and intimidating and I can just see people gawk when I pitch from the windup. They say it’s crazy and fast.

When I’m in windup I do the following…

I pitch faster
I pitch accurate
My knucklecurve is deadly
I feel comfortable
Crazy accurate

Then once a guy is on base and I pitch from the stretch it gets bad. REALLY BAD.
I feel sloppy, velocity is down, accuracy is awful and I look like a new pitcher. I would be willing to share video if it’s needed.

I am just confused. Usually people have this happen the other way around, pls help.


From what I’ve seen, it’s that “start” from the dead stop that gets to some guys.

The windup, there’s a tempo -sort of, that builds. With the set, that tempo is a bit abbreviated and can be difficult to manage for some. Awkwardness and kind of jerky, throwing the ball rather than pitching the ball is common for those having difficulty.

I would suggest this:

  1. go through your windup move, all of it, and concentrate on the part where you’re at your leg lift, then STOP.
  2. at that point, say to yourself that you’re now in the set position and at the same point in your motion - YOUR LEG LIFT.
  3. complete your pitch.
  4. continue his session with yourself until you feel comfortable to actually get into the set position and take it from there - just abbreviate your leg lift a bit so as to accommodate the new delivery technique…

I’ve used this method, but for different reasons. In my situation(s), guys having trouble with a certain pitch, and getting that pitch back into their inventory was cause for the pattern of thought and movement that I just suggested to you.

Come on back after trying this approach and comment on any progress or lack thereof.


My advice is pitch what is natural to you. Mimicking certain things can be helpful to an extent but I wouldn’t completely copy someone else unless if it just so happens you and whoever you copy happen to share the same natural arm slot and motion. I also would say that it isn’t completely strange to have more velocity in your windup because you are able to use more of you body where as in the stretch, you tend to be more quicker and have a more compact motion when releasing the ball which can cause some pitchers to lose velocity.


If I had to guess, which is all I can do at this point, I’d say that since you are copying Fulmer’s delivery from the stretch you could very well be rushing your top half to the plate. This will cause a substantial drop in velocity. If your top half is rushing then you are also probably flying open which will cause havoc with your command - most often by being up and in to a righty (as a righty pitcher). Make sure that even though you have a fast tempo, you still lead with the hips. If you study Fulmer’s stretch and wind-up deliveries and start them all at the leg lift you’d never know which is which.


You are saying to l need to make sure my delivery is consistent? I can post video right now.


Video is always helpful so if you got it, feel free to post it


Just made a video @WiseGuy


About the only difference in your mechanics I can see between the wind-up and stretch is that you are getting a better lower body push and hip drive in your wind-up. Another thing that is more pronounced in your stretch delivery is that you appear to be reaching with your stride leg. Some people call it “swinging the gate”. When you are starting to stride your knee goes from pointing to 3rd to pointing to home very early in your stride. Basically, what is happening is that you are opening your front hip way too early and that will result in everything else opening too early, draining velocity and causing those up-and-in misses.

I think if you concentrate on more of a back side push from your hips it may keep you from opening that front hip too quickly.


Thank you so much! I will definitely try this during practice. Much appreciated


adding on to what everyone else has said, it does not look like you have much follow through. A great drill for this is the towel drill. Look it up.