Pitching at my house


I posted a few of the players videos that pitch with me at my house. I coached them this past year and now I want to keep them pitching throughout the year. I’d love to have any of your input on their videos. Thanks everyone.


Saw the vids and will provide feedback in the next few days. I takes a few days. Great set up though for your kids. They’re lucky to have that opportunity.


Steven the only reason I do it is cause they are great kids and we love pitching. I have told all of them and their parents about your great site. Thanks for all the help that you’ve already given us.


I want to ask a question. As we go on through the season, I will have these boys over to pitch, working on things and trying to improve. I’d like to video them every lesson and post them and get everyone’s input to see if they are improving. Question is, should I just post the new videos in the thread I already made for them or start a new one every time? Thanks.