Pitching at 16

I’m 16. I’m 6’2and 180 pounds. I’ve been clocked at 86 and I consistently throw 80–83. Is this average or above?

Depends on your grade. If you are a sophomore, you could potentially be on a D1 or D2 track. Of course there are a lot of variables here (control, off speed, potential), but you are in a very good spot.

On the other hand if your’e a junior, you are probably looking at a D2 or D3 career in college. I’d say you could go D2, but not to a big time D2 or anything. As long as your grades are good (D3 schools take grades extremely seriously) you could probably play for almost any D3 program in the nation by siting 84-86 by next season. Just keep up the hard work and good luck.