Pitching assessment

16 yr old, 6’4”, 200lbs pull down velocity of 87-88

How’s that? What’s his potential? Thoughts?

Although pulldown velocity is all the rage these days, the number is virtually meaningless on its own. How hard does he throw from the mound? Does be throw strikes? How are his mechanics? How is his fitness, stamina, etc? What kind of work ethic does be have?

89 from mound. Yes to all the rest, training, coaching etc. He’s in a private baseball program in Ontario, Canada.

Now you have me curious, if you know he throws 89 from the mound why would you post a pulldown velo that is lower and ask his pitching potential?

Aside from that, given his age, size and current velocity I would say the sky is the limit in terms of his potential. Assuming the velo posted is MPH and not KPH given your location, lol.

The pull down was a test he did at the training facility when he arrived a couple days ago. First time doing it. The gun was off the mound this past summer. It’s MPH.

The pulldown benchmark makes perfect sense in that context. As a baseline it is a good tool to gauge efficiency on the mound. If the pulldown velo is significantly higher than mound velo there may be some opportunity to make gains by adjusting pitching mechanics to get more of his athleticism to translate to pitching velo. If the pulldown velo is significantly lower than pitching velo that might indicate a training opportunity to increase athleticism.

With your son’s pulldown and mound velo being very close it would seem he is very efficiently using his body on the mound. Given his size and current velo he projects very well to high level ball at the next level, particularly if he can command his fastball and at least one other pitch.

He throws three fast balls 4,2,cut. Straight change may go to a splitter. He has big hands and long arms. Curve hasn’t been worked on as much. Situational. More focused on command and control with a simple approach to change speeds effectively and in-out of zone for Ks. He throws consistently 86-88, with a 75 change. He can be wild with that pitch trying to muscle memory release. In his age group when he’s on it’s silly to watch. The kid’s from Newfoundland and Labrador. Baseball season is very short (3months) little competition or programs apart from provincial team play at the National U16 championships. This is his first time away and first time to measure up against other talented kids his age. Given NL’s small population there isn’t a measure of other players to gauge himself against. I think he’s got tremendous potential. Barring injury, the right mind set, and throwing strikes on command, I’m excited to see what the future may bring.