Pitching as a rookie - Please help!


Hi I am Peter and I live in NH. I am 13 years old 5’11, 165 lbs. My fastball sits around 65 and it topped out 75. I have a few types of fastballs, straight fastball, two-seamer that I use to jam hitters, sinking fastball, and moving fastball. I want more velocity and I want some more movement on my circle changeup which is about 10 miles difference from my fastball. I throw a bit of a splitter, I have no breaking ball because I coach says I am too young. Please help!


Too young for a splitter too…if it is a real splitter grip.


You just need to work on the fastball and the change; that’s all you need at this stage of the game. The velocity can come later. I would advise you to drop the straight fastball because that’s one pitch the batters will zero in on—you don’t want that, now do you? The two-seamer and the sinker will do fine for you, and you can experiment with the circle change to get more movement on it. And unless you have a King Kong-size paw and long fingers you’d best avoid the splitter. More important are location, command and some fine-tuning. Talk to your pitching coach.


From where I sit, I see a youngster with a pretty good grasp on things.

That’s a major understanding of logic for game and your position, especially for a 13 year old.

This difference is a real game changer if you can be shown why and when to toss that pitch, all up and down the batting order.

I’d like to add to Zita’s comments, which by the way offered very solid advice. I would suggest working on your “go-to” pitches that you are comfortable with. Work on a dependable pitch percentage in the strike zone for various batters and work the batting order based on the reason for every batter being where they are. Also, there are sound reasons for why you pitch to each and every batter - not that you just on the bump to toss gas. Study the game more in depth about that - batter relationship to batting order, game scenario(s), your dependability % on any given day based on how well your going to perform out of the bullpen, and so on.

You impress me as having a huge jump on the logic side of this sport more than most - even older players. Don’t lose grip on that mental process for the sake of launching more MPH. As you grow and mature so will the power side of your ability come around.


Welcome to the forum… post some video of your mechanics. Even with your camera phone. We can then take a look and provide feedback to get you pointed in the right direction.


Sounds like you have things under control :wink:

As long as you have pitches you can throw at different speeds and locations for strikes, you can do pretty well at your age group.

After watching kids in your age group over the past decade as an umpire and coach, I can say that you can handle most batting orders this way…mix up your pitches to the top half of the order (don’t let them sit on a pitch and don’t fall into any patterns that are easily discerned. Make the bottom half of the batting order prove they can hit your fastball(s) located down in the zone.

Post a video so we can have a look. Welcome to the forum!


@Zita_Carno Thanks for the advice. I don’t really have a pitching coach, so I learned everything by watching videos. I don’t have a moving 2 seamer, and I need some special training. Is there any place I can go around NYC? I am 5’11 so I actually do have king Kong fingers for the splitter, and I think it’s fine to throw around, it’s mainly my K pitch.