pitching article


regarding this article is it saying when u do rotar cuff exercises u do them faster or what

i mean is it saying work quicker or lift the weights faster

I think what this article is saying is the same thing Dr. Kremcheck??? in Cincinatti has his surgery guys do for their rehab.

Those that have been to him for Tommy John and other injuries such as Labrum and Rotator Cuff have been given many of the same excercises that have been posted on this site. For a while now doctors and trainers have been teaching the “slow and controlled” method for doing these excercises but recently Dr. Kremcheck and I’m sure some other doctors have been using the fast method as well.

For example when using the band/tubing and doing the Internal, External rotation you do 1 set of slow and controlled and 1 set fast. I imagine the theory behind it is because when pitchers release the ball it is not slow and controlled so why only strengthen your arm in that way. Hope this helps.