Pitching Arsenal And Effectiveness

So I throw 6 pitches: a Slider, Curveball, Cutter, Fastball, Sinker, and Changeup. Slider breaks really well and is reliable for me to throw in any count. Fastball is thrown hard and is my best pitch. Cutter is really good for me, has great late movement that looks like a Fastball but breaks at the last second. Change-up is mediocre and needs work. Sinker is alright-mediocre, above-average at best, but it’s the Curveball and Change-up that I’m having trouble with. Is that a good amount of pitches to throw? What can I do to fix my Curve and Change?

Well first I need to know how old you are, but if you have great command of 6 pitches, that is great on any level of play.If you are on the younger side (below college) then you only really need a fastball,breaking ball and change up to be effective. anywhere above that could use an extra breaking ball, but people have been successful with only one breaking ball before.

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Sorry I forgot to mention I’m in Grade 10 Age 15 turning 16 in October.

Good command of the Slider, Cutter and Fastball. Curveball is loopy, Changeup is good sometimes, sometimes it’s crap. Sinker is average.

You can drop the pitches besides your fastball and change up and exclusively work those two. Then once your change up is comfortable, start working in your curveball/slider, your preference. I personally don’t see the need for six pitches when you can be consistent with three and also more effective. Quality over quantity my man!

I won’t drop them, I’ll just work on them more and stuff.

I have 3 quality pitches in my fastball cutter and slider. working on the rest

6 pitches is pretty good

No, it’s not. I’m sure there are a couple of MLB’ers that throw more than four on a regular basis, but I can’t recall any. There’s a reason for, it’s called mastery.

There’s not a college/pro scout that cares how many pitches you throw. They want to know that you throw hard and can throw FB, CB, CU, and maybe a slider, on demand, for strikes.

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I agree that scouts only care that you can throw FB,CB,CU for strikes, But i’m pretty sure that tif you could throw more than that for strikes hard then you would have a greater chance.

for some unknown reason when i throw a cutter it moves fast and hits the top of the strike or the top right corner which i can’t complain because it strikes right-handers out

Can you work on tweaking the pitches you throw well to add variety to the pitch?

If your slider is reliable for you, use it as a base to tweak. Change arm angle slightly for different tilt arm higher more break down, lower more across, put it further back in hand to slow it down, change grip slightly…

Cory Klubler won’t even call his Curve a curve just a breaking pitch because the variety of it can look like slider, 12-6, slurve or anything between.

Don’t get locked into what you call it or what a you tube video says it’s supposed to do.

Jake Arrieta throws 6 different pitches