Pitching Arm Injuries

Do you believe, every pitcher or serious baseball thrower, has injuries in their career? Either they have had some, or will have some?

If yes, why do you think that happens??

I think pitching is still something in development. Injuries are inevitable until we figure out a way people can pitch good speeds without straining themselves at all. (Or make everyone pitch like The Freak)

Reason #1
Love of the GAME!!!

As of this point, i can only see people get frustrated with throwing bad pitches. Getting off the mound when you’re having fun or on a roll, no matter how tired or off form you are, is REALLY hard to do. A good number of pitchers will throw bad pitches, but stay on the mound until they fix it.

I say a certain personality comes with pitching. One of an Ace.

Reason #2
Lack of Knowledge…and LOVE OF THE GAME!

'Too many young pitchers fall from injuries due to the pure desire to play/get better and lack of information pertaining to the care of their arm. As you can see in this site’s Injury Prevention section, questions about pains and aches pop up everyday. (even mine lol) I think a good number of young pitchers will throw through the pain (i have) just cause something as simple as catch is too fun to stay away from.

Isn’t much more i can say. I’m going to go warm up so i can pitch later today lol.

anyone else???

i don’t think it is inevitable, but it is pretty likely that you might develop some form of tendonitis, but i don’t think it’s probable that all pitchers will have MAJOR arm injuries in their lifetime

I think that most pitchers have some sort of arm issues. Granted it may not be career threatening or surgery. But I think that usually pitchers have 1 or 2 like sprains in their shoulders or elbows. Some don’t like Maddux but again its Maddux (in my mind best pitcher of past 20 years: control, movement, and smart as heck) so he obviously had something going for him. But most do. Ryan had some so did Clemens. I think power pitchers are more at risk then a control pitcher.

Never saw critical stuff on him…worst I ever heard was he is very secrative and the “turd”…the guy who unties shoes or puts the bb gum on the hat of some unsuspecting rookie…he liked to amuse himself…or a kid being a kid into his 40’s. What a lucky guy.

I think it isn’t necessary to have arm problems…but the odds are at some point you will have something…Greg never went on the dl, he missed I think 1 start with a back issue. I don’t remember Fergie Jenkins having arm problems…or Gibson. Freaks happen…over 20 years chances are you’ll have something happen. Can’t play like you are worried about it though, give it a shot and see what happens.