Pitching-arm health


My son age 10 has an incredibly strong arm. He hasn’t had an earned run scored in last 2 seasons and maybe 3 hits total. He has very good mechanics. At practice, they had him run to centerfield wall from short stop position chasing a ball. When he picked up the ball the daddy coach yelled to throw it to the pitcher who was at home plate to get the runner rounding the bases. He did what he was told and immediately came off the field in pain saying he had done something to his arm. He now has a lot of pain in bicep and front of shoulder when he throws. Looking for some feedback on injury and treatment?


How long has the pain been lasting?


Injury happened on Tuesday evening. We iced and waited a few days. No pain for 2 days. He warmed up for game (no pitching, just fielding) and arm started to hurt again after throwing. Feels okay when he’s not throwing.


It could just be putting a strain on the arm hurts and he need rest, hopefully it isn’t something more serious, I’d just give it a day or two and try to work in, obviously if it persists see somebody. I’m assuming your kid is not in high school but if he is does the school have a trainer or a sports med?


No , it’s little league. He’s 10. I think I’m going to give it a little more than 2 days. And yes, the other possibility is very serious from what I can see. Thanks for input.