Pitching Arm Concerns

My son(10 years old) pitched this weekend on an All Star team that won the state title. He said that his arm hurt in the championship game from his wrist to his elbow. His arm felt tired and then started to hurt(A dull throbbing kind of pain) at the end of the game. Once he told me he stopped pitching in the game. It happened once before this year. He pitched in the league championship and did not have any pain until the next day. He told me later that his arm felt tired during the game but there was no pain until the next day. I gave him a couple of weeks off and he seemed fine. The team he is on now goes to regional’s in two weeks and I am not sure if I should shut him down for the summer or let him play maybe first or second base only. He wants to finish with the team but is alright with stopping because he sees the bigger picture than a youth title. What should I do about this should I go to the doctor or is only rest needed. What is your opinion that I should do as a parent? Thanks

What should you do as a parent???


You’re kidding me right?

Your job is to protect your child at all costs.


Book an appointment for him to see a sports doc.

Why waste time asking a meaningless faceless message board that has no clue what could actually be going on with your son.

. I play on a really good not trying to brag softball 14u team. There are three pitchers including me. Of course I’m not the greatest out of the pitchers. I have been pitching for 5 years and have been playing softball for 7 years. I pitch 47-50 mph which isn’t bad. I’m one of the younger ones on the team. I have been trying to practice and get better so I can be number one pitcher. (Start most of the games) Lately I haven’t been doing so well and I am thinking about quiting next year (pitching at least). But here is the deal, i don’t want to quit because I feel like I’m giving up most of my dreams and I don’t want to do that. But I get so frustrated with myself and I am really hard on myself thats how i always am which isn’t healthy. So I wanted to know if you guys had any ideas for me to get better, mechanics, mentally, and physically? Again, sorry if this is long just trying to give you guys an idea of what I am going through. Thanks:)