Pitching and Natural development

I was wondering how much “growth and natural development” have to do with velocity.
right now I am very small- I’m on High School baseball team and am 5’5" 125 lbs. I pitch 65-68 mph tops but have control and a good breaking ball. I was wondering if any one knows about how much velocity I will gain (if I keep my mechanics the same) in the next few years. The rest of my family is very tall- 6’0"-6’4".

size will help you throw hard but there are people who throw ahrd that are small as well…intent to throw this crap out of it and mechanics will make you throw hard. The size will come my friend.

Typically pitchers gain about .7 mph for every inch of height they gain. They also gain about 3 mph per year due to maturity - a bit more during the couple years when they go through puberty, a bit less afterward. The process typically ends at about 17 or 18 but it really depends on the individual and their growth pattern.

Improved mechanics and arm strength can also make a big difference.