pitching and batting

When i pitch a game usually when im up to bat in the 4th or 5th inning my arm is so sore that i can barely swing the bat is this normal?

alright, i know you probably hear everybody say if your arm hurts stop throwing. Well, this is true. a kid a year ahead of me just had to have surgery on his rotator cuff because he never told anybody when his arm hurt. One game is nothing compared to a career down the drain.

Sometimes the best thing to do is rest. I was pitching in a game where all the pitchers warmed up before the game, but the game before went long and I threw way too many pitches. I needed about half an hour before I could move my elbow, and I haven’t pitched seriously since that game at the end of September. You need to think about yourself sometimes. Elbows and shoulders need time, and if you don’t give it to them you may need surgery.