Pitching Analysis Mattias 12 yrs old

Hey everyone my name is Scott I was hoping for some help with my son’s pitching mechanics. I have been approached by opposing coaches and umpire’s saying they’re impressed. Mattias has excellent mechanics for a 12 yr old. I was hoping for some in-depth feedback. Any help would be appreciated, just so I know if he’s on the right track and what he should work on to improve.
Thanks again your help

Not as smart as some on the forum…but wanted to give you some feedback.

A couple of thoughts…He never gets his weight over his back leg when he goes into leg lift.

Also…if you stop the video when his front foot hits the ground…his arm is already laid back and going into ball release. His upper body is out of sequence with his lower body. I would have him bring his hands up when he lifts his leg and separate his hands at the waist. Palms down as he pushes his hands down.

Would start with a couple of things. First is eliminate the unnecessary movement, simplify. Second is posture, tends to lean back, keep the chin over the belly button. Get in a more athletic position, pivot foot moving to first base side and aligned close to the other seems really awkward. His stride seems awfully short and lands very open. Wouldn’t emphasize stride but would work on getting lower body involved and drive to the Target