Pitching Analysis Front & Side View LHP

Really need some input on what I’m doing wrong if anything. I’m fixing the last few things wrong with my mechanics, but really wanna turn everything into fine tuning and muscle memory to start really focusing on my different pitches and speed changes. Thank you

Striding to the inside of the target line prevents your landing leg from being vertical which hurts stabilization and forces your upper body to compensate by tilting in order to get your hips through. I’d suggest working on striding to the target line with a vertical landing leg and maintaining good posture through hip and shoulder turn.

Looks good. Couple of things to build on what Coach Paul suggested all dealing with your hand position in the set and arm action immediately following:

  1. You come set with your hands much higher than is necessary or recommended. I generally like seeing pitchers come set hands between the chest and the hips. When you come set as high as you do, it makes it nearly impossible to pick off runners because your throwing hand has a much longer arm circle to release – so you take away perhaps the biggest advantage of being a lefty which is the ability to see and pick runners at 1B.

  2. You separate (break) your hands very early during the initial part of your stride. The hardest throwers separate their hands 40% to 50% of the way down the mound into their stride. You separate almost immediately.

  3. As you separate your hands, your throwing hand goes down toward the back hip, but your glove hand stays high and goes basically straight out toward the target. These arm actions need to be synched better; the glove hand should follow a similar path down before going out instead of straight out.

  4. You release the ball with your head behind your lead knee. The hardest throwers generate so much momentum that their head is directly above or in front of their lead knee.

Thanks for the advice gonna work on all those things Coach Paul and Steven.