Pitching Anal


Pitching analysis of a pitcher


Glove disconnection, which essentially means he’s not getting any extra pull from his glove side, His arm flies open, needs to work on elbow spiral, Needs to work on getting more drive off back leg, getting a longer stride. and when he releases the ball his foot is opened, so it’s even tougher for him to create Hip-Shoulder separation. I’d guess Low 50s based off this. He seems athletically built, and with a good pitching coach could probably get him at high 50’s with accuracy.


Thank you for the input. I agree with everything you said. When you talk about the ball of his foot do you mean the leading landing foot on release?


Yes, Look at a pro pitcher and very often at landing they’re feet are in line, minus a select few who are closed like Jake Arrieta, but the consistency is no pitcher will have their feet open at Landing. Really kills velocity. I don’t really have many drill suggestions for this, besides maybe trying to draw a line off the mound from where your son throws, and making sure his landing leg lands on it. Do it a lot till it’s muscle memory.


How do I show him the elbow spiral?


https://www.drivelinebaseball.com/2015/05/27/explaining-the-elbow-spiral-in-the-pitching-delivery/ This is all complicated research that a parent would understand, but not so much a 12 year old kid. I reccomend you look this over, and simplify it for him, along wth using a drill I use thats showed in this article called “Pivot Pickoffs” to teach him to throw and not push the ball. Just remind him to bring his arm down and around rather than straight out.