Pitching aids

I want to write about great site related pitching aids. Name of the site is http://www.fastarm.com/, a wonderful site about proper pitching.

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For me, the best pitching aid was an absolutely incredible pitching coach who knew where I was coming from, who knew what I had and could do, and who worked with me to help me make the most of it. His name was Eddie Lopat, he was a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three pitching rotation, and he had a basic premise: every pitcher has a natural motion. I was a natural sidearmer— you know what exasperating, infuriating creatures we are—and we started there. What I learned from him in the almost four years we worked together—nothing short of priceless. Who needs mechanical aids when you have a strong arm, a good repertoire of pitches, and a veteran major league pitcher to show you what to do with them to get the batters out? :smiley: