Pitching against lefties and righties

Hi again.

I’m a RHP and I think I’m better at pitching to left-handed batters. But I read a lot of guys saying that they prefer pitching to righties. So I would like to know what do you guys prefer?

Being a RHP do you prefer pitching against right-handed batters or left-handed batters?

Being a LHP do you prefer pitching to left-handed batter or right-handed batters?

I think I have much more confidence throwing to the inside part of the plate on LHB and I know that being able to spot your fastball inside is one of the most important things if you want to suceed as a pitcher.

I’m a righty and i much prefer seeing righties at the plate. I odnt see that many lefties, so its kinda a comfort/familiarity thing for me. Also, my best side of the plate is the 3rd base side and i love to jam hitters, thren throw my change down and away