Pitching Again

Season just ended. I caught all season. I faced 4 batters all season and struck out 3 and forced a ground out to the other. I overpowered all of them with no need for off speed. I will be graduating in a couple weeks. I will be continuing my baseball career at the College of Marin in the Bay area. This summer I will be playing for the Nevada Bighorns Collegiate Team. It is a wood bat league. I am going to pursue pitching again this summer and if I have success I will attempt it in college. Poor coaching decisions is what limited my ability to throw during the season. Our team was young and our coaches chose to give all the time to the younger kids. Especially near the end of the season when we were eliminated from the playoffs. Thats in the past so Im looking forward to moving on. I have no idea where I stand velocity wise. I know i can long toss 100yds in the year on a slight arc.

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 210
4 Seam
2 Seam
Circle Change

First gym workout for 3 months today

All workouts were 3x10

Regular Bench 95, 115, 135
Seated Curls 25
Tricep Pushdowns 80
Hammer Curls 25
Tricep Press 30
Lat Pull Down 100
Seated Row 90
Wrist curls 25
Wrist Extension 15
Barbell Shrugs 135

I know some may not be the best for pitchers but I’m a position player first and will worry about fixing it if I become a solid pitcher.

Im taking one week off from throwing. My arm was a little tight from day after day of the throwing load of catching. Then I’ll get back at it

Did a little leg work today

3x10 again

Squat 135, 135, 155
Bulgarian Split Squat BWx3
Calf Raises Standing 300lbs
Calf Raises Seated 90lbs
Toe Raises 35lb

Core too

Glute Ham Raises 2x20
Leg lifts x 50
Dead Bugs 30sec
Plank 1 minute
Russian Twists 2x60
V Ups x 50
Leg Ups x 15

Upper Body Day 2

3x10 yet again!

DB Bench 50,50,50
DB Incline Bench 40,40,40
Iso Row 90,90,90
Seated Row 90,90,90
Ez Curl Bar Curls 40+,30+,30+ (+=weight of bar)
Tricep Pushdowns 60,60,60
Lat Pulldowns 100,100,100
DB Shrugs 60,60,60
Wrist Curls 25,25,25
Wrist Extension 15,15,15
Stretching Circuit

My legs were pretty sore today from yesterdays workout, but thats expected, these are the first days back. My chest wasn’t fully recovered from tuesday so I didnt go to hard today. Usually my workout will start Monday and I will have wednesday as a core only day. And I’d have one more day of rest for both my legs and arms, but thats just how this week worked out.

I went and hit for an hour with my hitting coach. The swing is there I just need to improve the rhythm of my load and hands. Other than that I was still crushing it, the rhythm will only make things better. First session with wood too btw.