Pitching after UCL strain

My 17 yer old son was pitching in July. He felt a “pop” and had a little pain. He removed himself from the game. We saw a sports medicine dr. who diagnosed him with a UCL strain (this was confirmed with an MRI with contrasting dye). He had him rest for two weeks and since he felt no more pain, put him on a light throwing program. 2 days ago he threw his first bullpen. He said that he felt pain while throwing but had no pain afterward. He threw another bullpen today on flat ground. He said he is still feeling pain when he throws. We are concerned. Should he still be feeling pain? Is it just from not being used? Should he “throw through the pain”?

No he shouldn’t, his arm is still healing.

I’m in his situation right now. I have little pain when I throw but feel no pain after a few minutes. He probably feels that same pain when he wakes up the next morning.

He’s close to healing back up but pitching through it will make it take longer to heal.

I can’t say how long it’ll take for him to pitch 100% again but I attempted to pitch two times since I think the 22nd of August.

I still have the little pain. So, I’m not a doctor but 2-3+ weeks seems fair.

Should he continue doing long toss and bullpens? Or should he rest it again and ice? The problem is, he’s entering his senior year and a few schools are looking at him. But they will lose interest if he’s injured. He won’t be able to be seen during the fall travel season. What can we do?

He can but I wouldn’t recommend it. He won’t be able to throw as many pitches because the pain will increase the more he throws and the chances are, he’ll face the same intial problem. Not to mention that he will need to rest longer between sessions.

So I would use ice and rest the arm. His arm is close to healing up and he’s able to throw consecutively but the difference between a fully recovered arm and an arm not fully healed could affect his performance thus schools turning away.

I’ve never been in a situation where Colleges were looking at me, I missed my senior year for reasons not related to baseball, but if it’s a big College, it’s up to you. If it’s a smaller College, I wouldn’t let him pitch through it.

Thank you so much for your input. I appreciate you being able to draw on your own experience. We are trying to get him in with a physical therapist or at least a trainer ASAP. Hopefully, he will recover quickly so he doesn’t miss too many opportunities.

Glad I could help!

Good luck to you and your son.