Pitching advice

Okay guys hows it going. Kind a new to the whole pitching forums stuff. Anyways guys here is my story.

I have been playing baseball since i was about 5 years old. I am currently 16 years old and will be turning 17 in June(I am a sophomore)…

Anyways i recently got clocked at 78-80mph in early April. And topped out at 86mph. Where i live in march there was still snow on the ground. And about -15 out. And i was out there pitching.

I got to tell you guys something and i got to ask a question. First i have been doing this thing with my arm. I was opening myself up and everytime i threw my arm hurt. and i lost velocity.

I fixed that and i throw much harder. arm hasn’t hurt since(which is awesome).

Anyways i was wondering if 78-80mph from the mound and topping out at 86mph on a crow hop good for my age. I am only 5’10 and 165pounds. I can bench 200 pounds i am really strong. (i have stopped benching cause you shouldn’t for a baseball pitcher)…

Anyways i was wondering if i am on the right path into getting into college and pitching. I really want to play in college for 4 years than go to the minor leagues.

I get up everyday at 6:30(just started doing this like 2 weeks ago) i then workout and go to school at 8:00 oclock. I think about baseball pretty well 24/7 and i love every aspect of baseball.
Also i just made the transition from strengthening my upper body with heavy weights to strengthening my lower body with stronger weights.

Also i’ve been told my many top coaches that my mechanics are absolutely perfect. And to be honest they are.

Am i on the right path into getting myself into college and maybe in the minor league system. I want to make it to the majors but honestly its not about money i just love playing the game and practising every day and working out.

Your statements contradict themselves; if you had perfect mechanics and were that “strong” you would be 90+.

The drop off in top velo and pitching velo is kinda weird. Is there any pain throwing now?

i do have perfect mechanics(for my age) i am only 16 i will be 17 soon but still. I am extremely strong upper body. but thats why i said i stopped benching and now i am doing leg strengthening. I expect to throw an addition 5-8mph just by doing leg strengthening for the next 4months.

Ya there use to be pain throwing. But i wasn’t staying closed and i fixed that problem pretty damn quick too lol. my arm hasn’t hurt since. So ya everything is perfect. Do you know how i can consistently hit 86mph. Any tips or stuff like that. I also do long toss twice a week, 2 bullpens. And a 3-4mile run after that i i pitch 100 innings on saturday or sunday(we play games those days)

But ya any advice to help me get to college bro and pitching. I am pretty sure for my age of 17 that 80mph is pretty damn good. i still got one year left too and this year i plan on using my in door gym all winter so i can get at least 2 bull pens in all year and so i can work on long toss as well.

Here in canada we only play 4months of ball. I got about 3 feet of snow on my pitching mound in my back yard lol.

You must live pretty far north in Canada to have so much snow.
One thing you need to do—you have to get your whole body into the action. You’ve been working on strengthening your upper half, and you’ve been working on strengthening your lower half, but what you have to do is put them together. Let me tell you about something I did as a kid when I was getting into playing the game.
I lived about a mile from the original Yankee Stadium—and in New York, a mile is 20 city blocks, and that’s a nice walk—so every chance I got, I went to the ball games. I watched the pitchers, particularly the Big Three of Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi and Ed Lopat, and I watched them in practice sessions and in games. I noticed that all three of them were doing the same thing: they were driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and, it seemed to me, seamless) motion, and thus they were generating the power behind their pitches—not to mention that doing this took a lot of pressure off the arm and the shoulder, so that said arm and shoulder were just going along for the ride. They could throw harder and faster—even Lopat, who was a finesse pitcher with not much speed—with less effort, and not a sore arm or a sore shoulder or a sore anything else in the bunch!
I saw just how they were doing this, how they coordinated these seemingly disparate motions, and I made a mental note of it and began working on it on my own. As I practiced this essential element of good mechanics I found I was doing the same thing they were doing—I could throw harder with less effort, and somewhere along the line I, a confirmed snake-jazzer myself, picked up an 81-mile-an-hour four-seamer which I found out was, for me, a fast ball! I was a natural sidearmer who used the crossfire extensively, and I built my entire repertoire around a very good slider which I had nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” after a character in a W.C. Fields movie because that was exactly what it was—it had a sharp late break—and a very good knuckle-curve. That fast ball, juxtaposed with all my other stuff, looked to the batters as if were coming in at 100 miles and hour, and it really threw their timing off.
So I would advise you to work on coordinating these disparate elements, getting your whole body into the action. You’ll find that not only will you be throwing harder, you also are bound to pick up some speed—maybe you won’t be a fireballer like Feller, Raschi or Bob Gibson, not to mention Justin Verlander among the recent ones, but you will be throwing faster, with less effort, and it’ll help you avoid injury by taking the pressure off your arm and shoulder. Give it a shot and see what happens. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

ya dude. Thats what i am saying. I do all those things. I push off of my lower half i have a good long stride, i stay closed.

I’m not worried about my mechanics trust me they are really good, i have been told by many coaches and pros that my mechanics are good.

I get what your saying, pitching with your whole body. i do that perfectly. My landing foot is directly toward home plate and all my movement is toward home plate.

At home i do weekly strengthening exercises.

i do leg strengthening, the abs and back, then upper body with low weights.

So ya i kind of know what i am doing but i am open to critiscm on just about everyhing. Except for my pitching mechanics because they are really really good.

I am just going to reallly start strengthening my legs, and stop doing long distance running every day, and start doing sprints instead for explosive movement.

Also even on my baseball team kids assume they hard like 80mph. When really when they get clocked they are throwing high 60s to low 70s.

when i got radared i was using a stalker gun(best in majors, and the juggs is good too)

And ya i have a bushnell radar gun(200 dollars) and we compared it to a stalker gun and it was out by at least 3mph. And now its been in our shed all winter. So i am guessing its ouot my problay like 6mph

So i am probaly throwing maybe 82-83mph. i am going to get my radar gun checked soon

What are some other things i can do to boost velocity.

Ya we live in Alberta thats why there is so much snow lol.
But anyways is long toss even good for your arm. I try to do it at least twice a week in the in season. But ya how long should i do it.

Also i try to gain velocity during the season just cause in the offseason i can’t go to a gym or do anything except weight train in my basement.

Although i might rent a local gym this year. Just so i have got a chance of getitng picked up in my senior year maybe.

Nothing is perfect, your mechanics can always get better whether it be becoming more fluid, more consistent, more explosive or whatever there’s always something to work on. There is no such thing as perfect for your age, there is such thing as good for your age, perfection implies no flaws at all and that is just impossible and especially unfathomable that a 16 year old would have perfect mechanics.

Instead of turning all of peoples tips around and saying you already do it then listen to them and if you already do it, then great keep working on it. You should post a video of your mechanics so people can help you.

Assuming all the information you gave us was really true and not just online blather used to boast then you probably are on the right path to going to a college to play ball, especially if you are good academically.

That’s something everyone here seems to have forgotten academics are key. You aren’t going to U of Georgia or UCLA if you have a barely passing 2.0 GPA, that’s a fact. You won’t get no scholarship to a school like Akron or even Northern Colorado with a mere 2.5 GPA. You have to keep up your school work.

To me it sounds like you already know what you need to do, work on your lower body, that is where most of your strength in your body is, the stronger your legs and core are the harder you will be able to throw. Remember to stay flexible.

ya okay thanks for the advice. Sorry for coming off cocky in my previous post. But i like to be confident and believe in myself. Got to have lots of confidence if your a pitcher. What kind of gpa do you think you need.

Like is a 65percent average good(problay like a 2.7gpa or something like that)

Sorry, but your grades are going to keep you from playing in most colleges. A 65? Damn. Your priorities must shift outside baseball at this point in your life.


[quote=“fireball999”]ya okay thanks for the advice. Sorry for coming off cocky in my previous post. But i like to be confident and believe in myself. Got to have lots of confidence if your a pitcher. What kind of gpa do you think you need.

Like is a 65percent average good(problay like a 2.7gpa or something like that)[/quote]

Ack. That’s gotta come up, you definitely need to get that up. Most colleges will not accept someone with that low a GPA maybe you can get accepted at a community college with a team or something.

Yes it’s good to be confident but not cocky.

dude my average is 68 to be honest. That is just core classes. I am in all the smart classes and i don’t even study. cause grade 11 really doesn’t count.

Only grade 12 counts. BUt ya our school year isn’t over. Last year i got 500 dollar scholorship for getting a 79percent average so i definitely have the potential to be in the 3.0 and above gpa.

The only reason it is low cause i got a dick as a teacher for one of my classes and it brings my average down.

But ya what kind of GPA do they look for, for most colleges. I was looking at a few and they say you only need a 2.0gpa. So ya i don’t know.

But i am capable of 75 percent and above i just don’t put the time in. I definitely will though in grade 12

You must be joking. EVERY year of high school is important, and most teams do their scouting during the junior year and the following summer of prospects. I have no idea what colleges take a 2.0. As a matter of fact, I’m calling BS on the $500 dollar scholarship for a 79.

A 68 is failing! Are you even on track to graduate at that rate?

I can’t take this post seriously.

Obviously you already have all the answers.

i had a 2.8 gpa and got accepted to a division 1 school. its also a reputable, tough to get into school as well.

just so you guys know that up here in Canada our schooling is way different than down there.

A 50 percent is a pass where we go to school. And in canada most colleges accept 60 percent. And ya i did receive a scholorship for 500 dollars.

So whats the problem here guys?

Honestly how high of marks do you expect to get into college. LIke shit universities is only an 80 to get into. And you are saying like college you need like 90s

Oh, I assumed the same system as over here in the US. Sorry for my ignorance.

Well, I supposed if your good on grades then just keep trying to add velocity through strength and mechanical refinement. Maybe post a clip if you can. 80 is fine, but just to give you a diffrent perspective there are two 15 year old sophomores that throw 91 at my school.

ya okay. cause i just started doing squat, lunges, leg raises, calf raises, as well as more leg strengthening exercises. I have done leg strengthening before. Usually i just run on the tredmill. I am going to start my leg strengthening this monday. And do it every 3 days. Ya like where we live there is one kid that threw 90 when he was 15 and he was broadcasted on the news and stuff like that. Throwing 90 mph at the age of 15 is pretty rare.

For most colleges what do they look for on there fastball for velocity wise.
80mph or what. I know that control is very important as well.

By my senior year i want to throw 85mph consistenly and top out at about 88mph.