Pitching accuracy with injury

I am a pitcher and during the summer I was in the high 80’s. I came into the fall season throwing 72 due to a shoulder injury. I am now back to throwing around 85 but I can’t throw a strike to save my life. Any tips?

What was the injury? (Please be specific.)

The long and the short of it is, injuries of a varying nature, in severity, will cause the body to shift the demands for physical action and stress to other parts of the body - thus picking up the load that certain muscles, individually and collectively, WERE being used.

This may … and I stress the word - may, be this issue that you’re dealing with.

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My diagnoses was “contracture, unspecified shoulder.” It was due to the over use of my shoulder. During rehab we worked on my strength and range of motion in that shoulder.

Do you have any pre-injury video of your delivery? If so then video yourself now and compre the before and after. Pay attention to things like posture, glove, etc. Like Coach B said, you may have altered your delivery to “baby” your shoulder since the injury and picked up a bad habit.

Also, you need to be completely honest with yourself and decide whether your shoulder is completely healed physically and whether you have regained full confidence in it mentally. If either of these are not the case then expect to continue to have control issues.