Pitching Accuracy and Muscle Memory

There is a lot of controversy about accuracy. I’ll tell you right here how to be accurate. It’s repeatable mechanics. You could have the worst mechanics and getting into all these awful positions and still be accurate because your body repeats the same mechanics. You have the muscle memory of how exactly to do everything wether you throw inside outside right down the middle. If you have changed your mechanics, don’t be discouraged by accuracy, becuase once you have repeatable mechanics, then you will be accurate. If you want (here’s what I do) get in front of a mirror (if you don’t have access then turn off the tv and use that :smile: ) . Look in the mirror and just do your mechanics over and over again. You don’t have to use a mirror but if you don’t you won’t know whether your doing it right or not. Do lots of video analysis too. Comment your thoughts down below!

What level do you play?

Triple A. Rather have you post comments about article though.

Is doing this inside on flat ground acceptable? I have tryouts for HS on March 14, and want to try to patch up some parts of my mechanics that went a bit off since I’ve stopped throwing, and that I need to work on in general (i.e. Front leg and trunk tilt). Will doing this help that?

Yes, flat ground works fine as well.

I do a good portion on flat ground.