Pitching a screwball

Hi, new to the board and want to become a better pitcher. Ive recently discovered that throwing a screwball is much more comfortable for me than throwing a curve. Is that strange considering that screwballs are worse on the arm than curves.

It generally has a 3-6 inch movement on it and I think that that is good considering that i just started throwing it as of the last couple weeks or so.I also would like some advice for any of you that have experience with this pitch.

Just want to get your guys’ thoughts and opinions.

Yes, it is weird that a screwball is more comfortable than a curve,but then again every arm is different. Anyway I experimented with a screwball for awhile two years back and I got incredible movement…when it was an inside ball so obviously I never got to throw it in games. But if you can learn to manipulate it on all sides of the plate it’s going to make you a much better thrower.

I’m not sure if screwballs are “worse” on your arm than curveballs. That would be interesting to know, but if it’s working for you, there is certainly no reason why you can’t keep developing it. That sounds terrific for you! Its important to have a go-to pitch to compliment the fastball.

yeah really, i would like to see statistics of pitchers who had serious arm injuries vs the pitch they threw the most after the fastball and see how it goes % wise.

I really only plan to use it with a runner on first for a grounder or a 3rd strike pitch. I dont want to throw it too often to prevent injury.

Gonna try this in our JV game tomorow :smiley: ! Wish me luck, hopefully it has the same movement as in practice.

Here’s a basic question about developing a screwball as a jv-- are you holding back the full potential of your fastball?

I’m not so sure that you can really get good at this novelty pitch without sacrificing the #1.