Pitching 100% #3

Here’s me pithching today. I think I had a lot of differnet deliveries. I numbered all of them and if anyone wants to take the time or just say which ones they thought were best that I can model after they can. If anyone wants any slowed down I will do it just say which ones. I just want an idea of which look the best.

Oh and I’m not trying to cut my head off I just forgot to check and make sure everything was good. I think it was still good enough to see my legs though.



Can’t see your arms though.

Ok I’ll try and get a video up not today but in the next few days.

Ok new video today. Did not feel good at all. But I think my mechanics are coming back together. I just need to work on my whole shoulder thing. But that will come in time and I have a good month to get that down. I think I’m bearing down a little more. But today I worked out and really worked hard. Last day for this summer of the weightroom. So I am tired and have thrown too much lately. I’m going to work on the towel drill and help to get my mechanics down. I just need the shoulder timing but I’m working on it.

More on my day in my log.

I really like your mechanics. Everything looks good to me. The only thing that i would suggest, is “grabbing some dirt” in your follow-through, or getting your body down. (aka Roy Oswalt, Nolan Ryan, etc)

Hey “Bowser” :wink:

Looking good. I noticed a pronounced lean to the glove side prior to release.


See hose I’m still not following through enough. But I think I’ve come a long way since my first video a week or so ago. I’m going to keep with the towel drill. I can’t believe how sore I am right now it feels like I just started working out haha. Well I’m going to work on the shoulders staying closed and getting a little lower and throwing a little harder.

I agree, Bows. Not only are your mechanics looking better, but your camera work has improved a lot, too! :lol:


Hey! Take it easy. Ha I actually checked it for the first time. The others were luck. And I have more hip/shoulder seperation but I assume it will be where its supposed to be if I hold my glove up there a little longer. How do you guys preech about the glove arm? You say not pointing it at the target but what could I consider. If I change it up I may as well do it right.

I don’t see you loading your front hip and leading with your hip into foot plant. Leg is just coming up and reaching out I see you getting virtually nothing out of the lower body. I see you getting ok momentum into leg lift but you lose it by not loading up the front hip and carrying it with you into foot strike IMO.

By the way I like your tempo a lot to end on a positive.



visit that link and download: chapter 7 sample. You have many of the same problems as that young man as Paul explains.

You dont follow through.
You fall off instead of your momentum going towards the plate.
Your glove arm action is suffering because of your momentum problems.
Your hips/legs open at the same time.

You just need practice. Go to a pitching instructor and they will tell you how to fix these problems. They will give you drills that you can practice in order to fix them as well. Repetition repetition repetition repetition.