PitchFramingResearch suggest Greinkes benefited from Catcher

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I’m liking your twitter page! Lot’s of interesting articles!

It’s one of the reasons Maddux had designated catchers that worked with him, they were his salesman to the umps…I believe Glavine was also the benificiary of tremendous catching skill. It’s also why I’d snag up an A J Pierzynski in a second…the guy “works” the game.

And he’s got a pretty good bat!

Very true. A really good catcher can really help a pitcher, even to recognizing when said pitcher may be losing it. Yogi Berra was one of the best in the game; he could sense when the guy on the bump wasn’t quite with it. He knew when a pitcher needed a good goosing to get him going and when to just call the pitches and let the hurler do his thing. I saw this so many times, and a prime example was the World Series game of October 8, 1956; he called the pitches, Don Larsen threw them, and Larsen came away with a no-no-no—the only perfect game ever to be pitched in a World Series.
And there was one occasion when Vic Raschi seemed to be losing his grip; Yogi went out to the mound to talk to him, only to be greeted with a snarling “Give me the g–d--n ball and get the hell out of here!” Good news for Yogi, because it meant that Raschi was back on track! And good news for the rest of the Yankees, because Raschi finished that game and came away with the win. Yes, indeed, a really good catcher—and Yogi Berra was one of the great ones—can really help a pitcher. 8) :slight_smile:

And he’s got a pretty good bat![/quote]

No doubt.