My 10 year old is currently pitching in the all star division. he is very consistent throwing about 80% of his fastballs for strikes. He is developing his change up around 50% acuuracy. I would like to introduce a third pitch to develop for next year. Any suggestions

im 12 and the four seam 2 seam fastballs and change up are all a young pitcher needs. Just have him keep developing his change up and work on his fastball

In my opinion, too many kids get sidetracked with other pitches and never develop a truly good change. And, by that, I mean not only having control of the pitch but also being able to sell it as a fastball to the batter. I’d recommend continuing to develop the change-up versus learning another pitch at age 10. Further, the fastball and change-up are the two safest pitches for a young arm to throw.

if anything a splitter or something like that