im a 14 yr old 5’9 190lb pitcher. i throw a fastball splitter changeup and a curveball. on my school team when my coach clocked me i threw 55 top. how can i get that up to high 60s low 70s.

stop thowing a curve ball

its not gonna help you its gonna hurt you

to get 5 mph i suggest make sure you mechincs are tee

try to sit into your stide a lil more and make sure your arm isnt far behind your lead foot when coming over

mechinics are alot more then you think they are

Well follow what the guy above said .But also Run alot to build lower body str. And work on abs and back muscles (upper/lower back)

It doesnt matter how good your mechanics are , if you dont have the attributes to throw harder you cant throw harder.

i have always used just my arm. i dont really no how to use my body.

Work on perfecting you’re mechanics. It also wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the extra pitches. Work on mastering your fastball and change before adding a curve.