Pitches that favor height/big hands

hi, im looking for some pitches that favor to big guys… i have an over the top delivery and am tall with ands. the palmball is very natural to me as is the split finger fastball. looking for other pitches to add to my arsenal… thanks

If you’re tall with King Kong-size paws you could throw practically any pitch you wanted. You say you have a good split-finger pitch—you could easily pick up its cousin the forkball which has a similar, perhaps a more extreme grip. Why not just experiment with different pitches, different grips, and pick out a couple you really like and work on them? :slight_smile:

time isn’t on my side… i am 19 years old and am trying to walk onto my college’s d1 baseball squad at the end of this month. i am able to throw a forkball but read a lot about it being bad for your arm so i figured i’d be better off just perfecting the split finger…

thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

i have ur answer. your hands are just waiting to throw a splitter. id throw a forkball though. the forkball gets batters to swing in the dirt.

im working on a splitter because theres no pronation. and i can practically throw a forkball and im only thriteen. mainly only japanese players throw the forkball. it was replaced with the split finger though

good luck

Jose Contreras throws both the forkball and its faster-moving cousin the splitter, and when his location is spot-on he gives batters conniption fits. You could easily do both—although the splitter might be easier because the grip is less extreme (you grip the ball with the index and middle fingers spread just wide enough apart so they’re off the seams). 8)

forgot one more pitch. two actually.

the slider like randy johnson. you cang get a lot of laterasl movement. and the big breaking 12-6 curve