Pitches in Bullpen before start?


I was wondering how many pitches should a starting pitcher throw in the bullpen for his start?

No set amount. You want to throw until you can throw each of your pitches at game speed comfortably.

I would throw until you feel warm and loose and you feel you can throw all your pitches for a strike. Also if its warmer you might not want to throw so many pitches as when t is cold. Just get a feel for your pitches. Normally I start off throwing like 80% and work my way to game speed, and then the lsat few pitches you “let go” I dont think you want to throw all your pitches at game speed as you will wear yourself out before your start.

Normally I’ll do this:

Throw normally
throw about 50% from windup
throw about 50% form stretch

Then my last couple I throw around 90 to 95%. Whats wierd is when im loose I’ll feel like a pain in my left side

Heh that is weird

In the Chicago Cubs organization, starting pitchers threw about 40 warmup pitches before a game. However, Dontrelle Willis (now with the Marlins) and Carmen Pignatiello, both lefties, tended to throw 50 to 55 pitches. There was no hard-and-fast rule. The key is getting to the point where you’re sweating a bit and feel comfortable with your mix.

Remember, you get 8 warmup pitches on the game mound.

do some sinkerballers throw a lot on purpose so they’re not too strong and they can keep the ball down easier?