Pitches arent working

ihave been practicing for the past 3 wks and they dont seem to wrk i try and try but they they´re not working :? any answers and thnx for all the comments u guys sent me. so pls answer this question :!:

oh and the pitches that dont work is fast balll circle change and sinker and yes i read the pitching topics in this site sodont ask that q

Uh, how are they not working? Elaborate a little bit for me.

if u r pitching from 45’ then u will likely get no movement

Step back and think for a minute, the only way a ball moves is because the pitcher is applying effort to it. the ball is only a ball and cant do things on its own. the fault is in you my friend.

ummmm are u kidding! i give 200% effort every time and u dont think i dont give effort. come on! i work the hardest i can here

unless u put tons of spin your not gonna get movement on 45ft mound

Did i specifically say you weren’t trying? No I didn’t. I said that there must be a fault in the way your throwing those pitches, e.g. you aren’t getting on top of your curveball or you dropping your arm slot. If your really giving your total effort, that you can find that fault and fix it. Then your pitches should “work”.

Oh, brother! You really are in a fix, aren’t you? The one thing I can suggest is that you get together with a good pitching coach so the two of you can work together to solve this problem.

oh!sry but u could hav at least said it like that


Hmmm…so that’s where things are at. All right—let’s take it one pitch at a time. I’d like to know which of your pitches is giving you the most trouble right now. And let’s take it apart—just how is it not breaking, for example, or are you having a problem finding the strike zone with it. Maybe I can give you some concrete advice there.

ok well id like to start with circle change well i read the article in this site and i did exactly wat they said but once i throw it um it squirts out like crazy or it just doesnt even make in the strike zonw(in distance)well thats to starrt with oh and strike zone probklems happen to also ,some times when i theow it it goe to to high and too the right well thats too start with

I’m assuming that your hand is large enough to form a complete circle.
You grip the ball with the thumb and index finger of your hand to form a circle on one side of the ball, and your other three fingers rest on top of the ball. The trick is not to grip the ball too tightly—otherwise it will indeed squirt out of your hand! (I remember when I was working on that pitch my hand wasn’t quite large enough, so my pitching coach suggested an alternate grip, just forming a half-circle like a backwards “c”, which worked for me.) And you throw the pitch the same way you do a fast ball.
Now, I was a natural sidearmer, so I never had any problems with it. It may be that you’re getting too much on top of the pitch, which is why you keep missing the strike zone and throwing over your poor catcher’s head. Try dropping your arm angle a bit, more like 3/4, and see if that will work—remember, if you can get the ball down in the strike zone you won’t throw it wild. And quite possibly you’ll get your other pitches down into the strike zone. Try this for a while and let me know how it comes out. 8) :baseballpitcher:

If you are struggling with your control on your change up, try holding your change up grip when long tossing. This will help make you comfortable throwing that pitch at 45’ if you can throw it from an even longer distance.

woah woah hold up! :shock: well uhh i read a pitvching article here and it said i pronate my ewrist during release point is that true b cause i start pronation inthe whole wind up if it is true well am i a @#)$% sry u had to here that

maybe the problem is your not using full arm speed like in the fastball. another possibility is you may be releasing late. one other possibility is u may not be snapping yor wrist enough.

Wow…your right…might as well just be a right fielder then. As fast as your responses come back there is no way you are really trying what these guys are offering to you. It takes time and effort.