Pitchers to watch

I’ll be the first one to say all pitchers are different therefore trying to exactly emulate a certain pitcher may not be the best thing to do but picking up a few common threads with good pitchers is. Who are some of the pitchers you like to watch or maybe take a few things from such as mechanics and anything else you might pick up?

Guys I Like…

  • Zach Duke
  • Keith Foulke
  • Freddy Garcia
  • Roy Halladay
  • Scott Kazmir
  • Roy Oswalt

Guys I don’t like…

  • Felix Hernandez
  • Anthony Reyes

Freddy Garcia is definitely someone i like looking at because it seems like he gets on top of the ball and really uses his hips. What is it about Hernadez that you may not like too much, again I havent looked at many photos of him, im lazy.

he gets his arm up to high too quickly, but you should look at:

Roger Clemens
Nolan Ryan
Greg Maddux
Scott Kazmir

Why bring back an old thread?

Anyway, Kazmir currently has an injured elbow. I’m not so sure I would list him. He slaps himself with his throwing arm on follow-through. This tells me he is not properly decelerating.

I like

Roy Oswalt
Nolan Ryan
Felix Hernandez
Pedro Martinez
Greg Maddux
Erik Bedard
Jeff Suppan

To name just a few…I’ve probably learned more, so to speak, from Nolan Ryan and Oswalt. They are very similar after all. However, I’m pretty similar to Pedro in size and style, so there are some things I like to take from him.