Pitcher's Power Drive

I recently bought the Pitcher’s Power Drive. I was wondering if anyone else has used it or has an opinion on it? It seems to have the right concept when teaching muscle memory and using the lower half to pitch.



Hmmmmm. I googled it and went to the site. I’ve never heard of it and would like to see someone who hasn’t a vested interest talk about it. It looks like you lose balance…something I never like to see in a pitcher. They have an impressive list of college programs that use(?) have purchased (?) or agreed to let their name be used.

I don’t have any vested interest in it and have only been using it for a short time but you don’t lose balance actually. All it does (or at least for me so far) is teach the muscle memory of using the lower half to pitch and initiate what they call the “pelvic load”.

I know, I meant someone coaching wise who used it as a training aid…and communicated that poorly.
For the buck…I can think of a few drills which could/would/do provide the same benefit. But hey who am I, I bought a “Hit-away” :shock: It wasn’t much help as far as the mechanics of swing…luckily I came to my senses and got him some coaching…never to buy another “training aid”.

No, you communicated just fine I was just agreeing with you.

True, you could do some simple drills that could do the same thing. I got it because I can practice off it at home without a mound and it gives me instant feedback on whether I am using my lower half or not.

Ah yes, the “Hit-away”, we had that as well on one team I was on back when. We all wise up eventually.

My son uses the pitchers power drive. A friend of ours that helps my son is a pitching coach in the major leagues. He is the one that really got my son to use the pitchers power drive and I know he also endorses the product.

It has taught him to lead with his hips, he gets auditory feedback when he does it right. It has really helped him in getting the sensation of using his lower half correctly.

It’s not $250 either. It is $205 plus shipping.

I also know of several D1 schools that are using it. You can go to the website to see all the schools that are using it.

The one that has turf on it is $250. Glad you’ve had a nice experience with it though.

I don’t have any doubt it does what it is advertised to…

But I think I know at least 20 tool and die guys that could make that thing for the price of a Burger King Whopper. :twisted:

$250 greenbacks… :shock:

My summer coach had us do a similar drill and he made something very similar out of a couple pieces a wood and a square foot of some kind of turf material. I’d save the $250 for a new glove or a lifetime worth of pitching toes

Ive had alot of experience with the Pitchers Power Drive. As I met them at the ABCA convention in San Diego last year. The concept between having the steel model is for Auditory feed back. Its used also as a diagonsis tool to determine when a pitchers wieght is being transferred down the mound. They use the term Backside Initiation to get that going. This product is not only for doing flat ground drills off of. We have live throwing sessions in the bullpen. Baylor University threw live on stage at this year ABCA in Dallas and it was pretty amazing. The price is pretty reasonable if you look at it like you do buying bats. How many bats will you buy for your son over his career. Why not give your pitcher the best tool out there!

As I said,

I would add…if you got the discretionary money then the price is irrelevant. Hey we are all rich if we can afford to have our kids in baseball right? :twisted: My back poket is worn out from other peoples hands grabbin at my wallet. :evil:

Please don’t be offended TXCoach1551. This isn’t aimed toward you. You obviously have had a good experience with this little ditty.

I don’t mind the use of fancy words to describe concepts, I certainly use them all the time. For example, backside initiation for “get your azz in gear”. But its funny you should make the comparison to aluminum bats… I thought the whole reason we purchased aluminum bats was that it was so cost effective compared to wood. After all the aluminum bats perform exactly like the wood bats except they don’t break. :lol:

Man, there’s more than just one company in the woodpile. :?

What can I say, I’m just a redneck from Pennsylvania. :wink:

I just came across this post, and I understand that it is a year old. I can say throughly that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this product! My off-season pitching coach was never a “gimmicky” guy and when he introduced this to me I was very skeptical, but after getting on it and learning how it works I can attribute a huge gain in velocity from it and a very big rise in stats for me.

I got on the PPD about 2 years ago when they were prototyping it, a current big leaguer (I don’t wanna mention names) and I got to try it out for 3 months before we left for spring training and I was blown away by the results. Personally I tried all the drills to get myself better direction and explosion toward home plate but I always reverted back to my floating tendencies. The instantaneous, audible feedback was the key for me and it just “clicked” (no pun intended). I worked on it for about three months and my first bullpen back with my former professional team I was SITTING 2-3mph harder than I previously have ever topped out before, then as the season wore on I kept seeing a steady increase in velocity that eventually topped out at +5mph (max out).

I know there are drills and different ways of teaching staying over the rubber, but getting my hips activated was a huge key in my delivery and I personally have not been able to get enough of it for the past 2 years, as a matter of fact my former pro team bought 8 of them when they saw my vlo increase.

I whole-heartedly endorse this product, and think that any kid who uses it will get better it is not a gimmick and whenever I teach my lessons in the off-season I put my kids on it right away. I know there is grumbling for price point and things like that but people pay for the best bats ($300+) and the best gloves ($200+) why not spend a little $ on something that has a 5 year warranty?

I’m sorry to be on my high horse here, but I do feel passionately about this product as I attribute my spike in vlo and huge spike in numbers to what the PPD people and device enabled me too feel.

I guess you can call me “old school” here. I learned the technique, which I refer to as “The Secret”, from watching how the Yankees’ Big Three rotation of way back did it, and I got excellent results from working it out on my own. And a bit later my pitching coach helped me refine it.
The whole point is to get your whole body into the action—drive off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous motion to generate the power behind the pitches. One does NOT need a mechanical device, just a good brain and perseverance. Hmph! :roll:

I totally agree that experience is the #1 thing, the 60, 70s, and 80s guys had it correct and then the tall to fall and drop and drive method and things got messed up, and I unfortunately fell into these bad habits, and all I’m saying is that the PPD immensely helped me get back into the right way of doing things.

Your right there is no substitute for experience, but for those of us who lost the way like me, the PPD can be an immense help.

i use a folding chair for the same feel drill (about $12 @ wal-mart). i don’t like the medicine ball drill in the promotional video.

you can build a micro mound with 4 or 5 2x6’s screwed together and covered with turf. you can place it against a wall to throw in a net. a spike down rubber with the spikes removed screwed into the top of the 2x6 platform, and an atec catch net, bucket of balls, you’re ready.

if it’s cold a propane heater blowing right on them and i’ve thrown bullpens in 10’ weather on a back patio.

that’s where it’s @

ya i went to boston to work with these guys. im biased but i believe leading with the hips and being smooth with the delivery is the way to throwing hard. ive had the plate for a year now and i use it nearly everyday when im in a throwing program. they straightened out my mechanics nearly 80% cause my center of gravity was off and certain mechanical flaws

still in the fight so hopefully the strength program im on helps me put more on the ball, still have 5 months to go