Pitchers having a disadvantage to hitters

Hitters can go to the cage or work off the tee in the backyard everyday to stay on top of their game and become better, but pitchers cant throw bullpens everyday. Or can they? And what other things can pitchers do to stay on top of their game?

Pitchers can still throw everyday, do band work, take PFP’s, and there are drills too for pitchers. You can always go through your mechanics without throwing the ball. Not a big difference between just going through your mechanics(as a pitcher) and a batter hitting off a tee.

Well, that “disadvantage” hasn’t been that much of a problem for pitchers, given that hitters fail more than 60% of the time. There hasn’t been a hitter who was 40% successful in a year since Ted Williams.

Very true statement. Pitching is a very precise sport, the smallest difference can make a huge impact on a career. The problem is that we can’t throw hundreds of times a day wtih out injury. We can still however breakdown mechanics and do dry throwing (towel drills, or going through mechanics with a ball). Ive also found that instead of throwing off a mound to work on mechanics throw on flat ground, theres some difference but it takes stress off the arm.

Not really on the preparation part but for more of the in game part, but my coach made the point that the hitter is in a big disadvantage. Not only because he doesnt know what pitch is coming, but because It is him vs. 9 at that moment of his at bat. The other players have no way of helping him at that time. But the pitcher has his 8 other teammates that are helping him at the time