Pitchers Hand Drop?

I’ve seen some pitcher drop their hands when they start their motion like Jered Weaver does. I.E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZpIRFZTLyE

While others keep their hands by their chest during the motion, does this help to drop the hands for rythym or is it just preference?


just a timing thing, it really doesn’t do anything generally to the pitching mechanics.

Bu is right. I’ve found that with my own son that a small amount of movement helps with his timing and rythum

Wow, I think that is 2 times this week someone agreed with me, let me pick myself up off the floor.

I personally love to see the hands dropping. If I can get momentum moving down it would only aid in getting the elbows up and back. I think the throwing process actually begins when the hands begin to drop.

Very good point, that makes sense.